Scoot and Ride

Have little ones whizzing around from an early age with a Scoot and Ride scooter for sale at Learning Bugs. This exceptional 2-in-1 scooter can be adjusted simply and without tools, transforming it from a top quality ride on option for really little ones to a stand-on scooter when they are ready for the step up. Stable and exhilarating in equal measure, you’ll want to see your tot out and about as much as possible developing enduring balance skills and a thirst for adventure.


A ride on toy that grows at the same pace as your little ones

Children grow up so making upgrading a ride on toy every single year tough on the wallet and often unviable. That’s why you should choose a Scoot & Ride Scooter, which offers 2-in-1 versatility to ensure it stays usable and loved for years to come. Little ones from as young as 12 months can enjoy the stability of the ride on scooter to boost their invaluable motor skills, while kids up to the age of 5 will embrace a fantastic scooter offering the safest and smoothest three-wheeled action.

An immensely safe and flexible ride on scooter

Safety is paramount when letting your child loose under their own steam as you watch nervously on. Balance is key and this three wheeled scooter allows even the youngest children to move, sit safely and comfortably aboard it. Optimised for a safe ride or scoot, they even come with a safety pad to minimise the chance of toppling over. Its simple flexibility to change as your child does is evident through its three adjustment settings for the handle bars and seat, without the need for any tools.

Offering the lowest starting position of any ride on scooter on the market, there’s no better option to get your little one scooting around from an early age, so buy yours today.

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