Children’s Educational Calendar


We know Children love to learn and we also know they love to learn even more so in a fun and interactive way and that’s why this Children’s Educational Calendar makes the perfect children’s calendar as a fun and educational tool.

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A Closer Look

The Details

The Perfect Educational Children’s Calendar

This Children’s Educational Calendar truly is an eye-catching children’s calendar that is sure to engage and captivate your children. Whether you are thinking of my first calendar to a calendar for toddlers this Children’s Educational Calendar is a children’s calendar that will educate your little one on a range of key life skills such as the seasons of the year, weather, months and days of the week, and even the skills of carrying out daily like brushing your teeth.

Overtime this Children’s Educational Calendar can help your little one to spell the months and days correctly while also promoting other key skills such as independence and understanding the world around them. Set the motion of creative learning with this reusable Children’s Educational Calendar where you can simply move the days, months, seasons and tasks accordingly.

Children’s Calendar Tailored to Them

Like their favourite toy children love to have their own things while feeling responsible for others and with this Children’s Calendar not only is it an educational tool that will teach them the day, month, seasons and more it will also allow them to feel grown-up and responsible with a daily routine.

Another benefiting factor with the Children’s Educational Calendar is that we know starting school can feel scary and strange but by putting routines into place the transition to school will become an easier task. Use this Children’s Educational Calendar and take the fear of school away by waking up each morning and using your Children’s Calendar to check the weather before knowing whether you can walk to school. Let them know the day by knowing it’s treat day Friday, turn this children’s calendar into a new fun and interactive way of learning.

Product Details
• Made from glossy aluminium metal for a super sturdy, long lasting product
• A3 size
• Wipe clean
• Alternative to paper and stickers – more rewarding and fun!
• Choose your own name to personalise
• This chart is NOT magnetic – please purchase magnets separately if you’d like to attach it to a fridge
• Design is copyrighted by Craftly

Mr Mole's Marvellous Ideas

This Children’s Educational Calendar is an everyday children’s calendar to get your children to understand days, months and seasons and with this overtime, this Children’s Educational Calendar can help your child to even spell the months and days correctly. Why not use this children’s calendar as an everyday activity. You can start your day together by interacting with the Children’s Educational Calendar through to going on scavenger hunts to find things to match the season of the year shown on the children’s calendar.

With the tasks that have to be completed play find the object and turn those unexciting tasks of putting your shoes on or brushing your teeth into a fun and interactive game.

Larry's Learning Outcomes

What weather are we more likely to see in summer? And winter? Help little ones learn all about the different seasons, where they fit into the yearly calendar and what they mean for the weather with this Children’s Educational Calendar.

This Children’s Educational Calendar is a children’s calendar for fun and interaction and a way to learning new key skills and topics. From improving physical development of understanding routine and hygiene of brushing your teeth each day to cognitive development of hand eye-coordination, through to improving communication and language this Children’s Educational Calendar can support a multitude of learning and development in one.

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