Learning Bugs Gift Guides - What to buy for a 1st Birthday - Learning Bugs

Learning Bugs Gift Guides – What to buy for a 1st Birthday

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There’s always such a special sense of occasion surrounding a 1st Birthday and of course the question of what to buy is always going to come up. You as a parent or guardian may be thinking what sort of toy or gift will mark this special birthday but you may also want to have some ideas and recommendations to pass onto friends and family when they inevitably ask you what to buy for your little one.

I always think toys for a 1st Birthday don’t just have to be ones they will use immediately but can be gifts they will grow into over time and also have the opportunity to be passed down to potential future siblings or other family members

Here are our Learning Bugs top toys for a special 1st Birthday…

Rainbow Stacker


A toy that not only looks special and beautiful in any bedroom or playroom but also offers a world of play with it’s open ended nature. This Rainbow stacker can be used as a decoration in a nursery but also become tunnels, bridges, houses and all sorts of things as that baby grows to become a toddler.

Personalised Name Puzzle


Another beautifully crafted gift that not only looks special in a nursery or play-space but also offers learning and play opportunities from toddler-hood to pre-school. The wooden puzzle helps younger toddlers with their hand/ eye coordination, fine motor skills, shape and size identification whereas for older toddlers and pre-schoolers it becomes a chance to distinguish colours and then the letters in their name which will eventually lead on to helping them to spell their own name too.

The puzzles come in several designs and you can have up to 20 letters on each puzzle.

Wooden Pull Along Dinosaur


Sometimes traditional toys are the best and this pull-along has all the markings of a beautifully traditional toy but with a dinosaur themed modern twist. Young children will love having their own friendly dino to play with, care for and roll along with them they won’t even notice that they are learning key developmental skills as they do so.

Farm Animal Peg Dolls


Farm animal sounds are often some of the first sounds babies and toddlers make so why not inspire some small world and imaginative play with this peg doll set. The set includes Old MacDonald, horse, cow, pig, duck (yellow), duck (green), hen and a sheep. Each of these dolls has been hand painted using non toxic paints meaning not only are they all individuals they are also perfect for little hands over 12 months.

Moover Baby Truck


Babies and Toddlers quickly become fascinated with wheels, watching and learning how things travel and move in space. This Moover Baby Truck can be used a truck for developing gross and fine motor skills but also as a ride along toy. With the addition of the crane toddlers can practise their pincer grip and dexterity by hanging things off it and also place teddies or dolls into the drivers cab or back compartment. This is a versatile toy that will be loved for a long time and offer countless play opportunities as a child grows.

Rainbow Bug


Staying with the rainbow and open ended them is this gorgeous bug rocker from Toys By Nature, not only does this toy look beautiful but it’s going to be something to keep in your family for a very long time. The multi-functional capabilities of the bug are astounding; it can be a cosy rocking seat for a baby or toddler with the addition of a blanket and cushion, flip it over and it becomes a tunnel, cover it and it makes a den, it could also be a bridge, a puppet theatre, a shop, it really could be anything the imagination wants it to be.

Through its use in imaginative play the bug can also help develop gross motor skills, spatial awareness and building confidence as a child learns how to physically adapt to the Bug and play with it in different ways.


£64.99 – £74.99

We had our Wheely Bug given to us a 1st Birthday present but before that it also belonged to two cousins showing that good quality toys can be passed down through the generations and still look just as new as they once did and still provide hours of fun and joy by more than one child.

WheelyBugs come in several different designs and colour ways but what really sets them apart from other ride ons is their capability to have unlimited directional movement, most other ride ons just go backward of forwards whereas the WheelyBug goes round and round! Meaning your little one can hours of fun riding, pulling, pushing and cuddling their WheelyBug with you safe in the knowledge this toy is super robust and built to last.

Up Up and Away TeePee Bundle


If you’ve got the space then a Teepee can be a really lovely addition to a play space or bedroom offering somewhere to snuggle and read or have some quieter moments of play and relaxation. These Teepees are made from superior quality fabric and come with a soft wadded base mat in the matching print meaning it’s a ready to go comfortable space for your little one to enjoy from toddlerhood through to their early teens.

Jupiduu Slide


No Playroom is complete with out a Jupiduu Slide! From toddler to pre-schooler your child will love sliding on the Jupiduu slide. With child-friendly steps and high sides (which ensure good stability when sliding), what better way is there to develop your little ones motor skills? As every early years teacher will tell you, developing motor skills and encouraging physical development will lay the foundations which impacts all other areas of learning. It’s even had the royal seal of approval from Prince George himself!

Wooden Swing Set


No first birthday would be complete without a swing. The Quoll is pretty special because it comes as a 3-in-1 garden set, meaning it grows as your children do. From all round support baby swing, with harness and full back rest, to singular swing seat; this is the perfect garden accessory if you have children of different ages. What’s more its built to last and looks great too – an all-round win!

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