Little One's Creative Colour


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A Closer Look

The Details

Haring Frankenthaler Kusama

Artists tend to choose colours for the effect that they have on us. In this box we look at Keith Haring’s colourful dancers; at pouring paint with Helen Frankenthaler; and a dot delirium with Kusama!

Why Creative Colour?

People’s theories about colour could fill several encyclopedias! However, there are three ideas that are particularly useful for Little Ones – the idea of the colour wheel; of colour harmony; and of how colours are used. This month we explore these theories with three very different artists, Yayoi Kusama, Keith Haring and Helen Frankenthaler!

What’s inside the box?

6 x 20-minute art projects inspired by 3 different artists with clear instructions. These are focused on the process and experimenting, rather than on the end result itself.

1 Leaflet of extra ideas and LoLA recommendations.

Plenty of quality art materials for one child, with lots left over for your art supplies.

What materials will I receive?

Dot stickers
Oil pastels
Paint brush
Sponge brush
Watercolour paint set
Watercolour paper

Tips for doing art with Little Ones

• Strip children down before you start, or have an outfit that is their ‘art outfit’.

• Allow them to experiment with materials. Don’t be too concerned about producing a single final piece.

• Bring out one material at a time – this makes it less overwhelming, and lengthens the process!

• You can often use surprisingly simple materials to work with, like shaving cream, toothbrushes, kitchen brushes, toy cars … all things that you may well have at home.

• Never leave Little Ones alone with art materials!

Mr Mole's Marvellous Ideas

Mr Mole is busily thinking up new ideas for this product and will update things soon!

Larry's Learning Outcomes

Larry is busily writing all his learning outcomes so check back soon for more details