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Meet The Learning Bugs

Brimming With Ideas

We have filled the Learning Bugs store with ideas and activities to help you bring playtime to life. Each product has its own Learning Outcomes and Marvellous Ideas explore our products and discover these wonderful ideas!

Larry’s Learning Outcomes


I’m Larry – you may have seen me dotted around the store already. That because I highlight all the learning that takes place when your little one plays with our toys. Mostly, when we watch our children play with toys, we notice the joy, the laughter and the spark (the important bit if you ask us!) but have you ever stopped to wonder about all the cognitive development that is happening right in front of your very eyes?

Even in the most simple of games, (well actually, it’s most often in the simplest of games) children’s brains are developing at a rapid pace. I’m here to tell you just how our toys are going to help your child developmentally, all you need to do is look out for Larry’s Learning Outcomes in our product descriptions – every toy will have one!

Mr Moles Marvellous Ideas

Mr Mole has the most marvellous ideas and he wants to share them with you!

Getting lost in play is a wonderful place to be. Although sometimes, a little tweak or a douse of inspiration can turn a tired game into a whole new world of excitement.

Our Learning Bugs Teacher Mr Mole is here to help you get the very best out of our toys by giving simple hints, tips and activity ideas you can easily adopt at home. Just look out for Mr Moles Marvellous ideas – they’re on the product page too!

Deep in the forest there’s a classroom you know. The Learning Bugs go there to learn and to grow!

Deep in the forest there’s a classroom you know. The Learning Bugs go there to learn and to grow!

There’s Larry the Ladybird and Annie Ant too, Carly the Caterpillar would love to help you, Bertie the Bee and Grasshopper Ginny. There’s even a Wiggly Worm named Winnie. There’s Sally the Spider and a beetle named Barry, Molly the Moth, a hornet named Harry. The Learning Bugs gather at class every day to listen to what Mr Mole has to say. He’s their teacher you see, he’s teaching them things like reading and writing and phonics and things.

Come along, come and join us. You’ll be surprised what you know. We’ll help you along to learn and to grow. We cherish the moments, the spark and the glow when children shout out “I know, I know!”.

We’ll meet you at Learning Bugs, come on don’t despair, it’s fun and engaging and we really care. We’ll help your little one to read and to write, we’ll develop their social skills, they’re ever so bright. It’s messy, it’s physical, there’s music, games too. We really can’t wait to meet all of you!

Learning Bugs x


Love our products?

Well we just love to see children playing and learning and reaching their natural next steps with our toys and when they do we want you to share it with us on our social media channels. Just hashtag #larryslearneroftheweek with a photograph of your little one with their Learning Bugs product and they could win themselves their very own Larry Ladybird!


Some Of The Learning Bugs Favourites

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