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Molly's Mark Makers

For children, writing is a whole new concept, It’s not just about writing letters, it’s a skill that requires time, practice and lots of encouragement. Writing starts when your little one is just a baby. When your baby plays with spilt food and water, they are not just making a mess, they are making marks! Mark making is crucial in their development as children being to gain the confidence to express themselves through marks, pictures and eventually letters.

Children’s early mark making does not happen in isolation. Physical development plays a crucial role and in order for children to learn how to write, they must first develop the muscle strength through fine and gross motor skills. Fine motor skills involve the refined use of muscles in the hand, fingers and thumb to be able to grip the pencil and form the pincer grip. Gross motor skills involve the use if the upper body, the shoulder and elbow pivot and will involve much larger movements.

Physical development has been recognised as a prime area in the EYFS and crucial in developing early writing skills.
At Learning Bugs, we combine messy play and mark making with fine and gross motor skill activities, music and dance to foster a love of learning.

Polly’s Preschool Phonics

Little Phonics Bugs is a preschool phonics class aimed at children aged 2.5 – 4. Each class includes oral blending and segmenting, alliteration and sound recognition, all the foundations necessary for learning to read.

This activity packed class includes Dough Disco and Wiggle While you Squiggle to help develop fine motor skills and prepare your child for learning to read and write. All our sessions will have a variety of activity stations for your child to engage in fun, purposefully and lively activities.

We work closely with nurseries and preschool to deliver high quality phonics classes taught by our specialist teachers.
We work closely with nurseries and preschool to deliver high quality phonics classes taught by our specialist teachers.

“It’s so useful to see how you teach the children – we get so many ideas for future activities and our continuous provision”EYFS practitioner

Ron’s Readers

Ron’s Readers is a phonics class which combines reading and writing activities pitched at varying stages depending on the needs of the group. Each class is specifically tailored to ensure accelerated learning takes place. Discuss between our specialised teachers and the class teacher or practitioner will always to place prior to our first session.

This is a fun packed, activity led session which involves Dough Disco, Wiggle While You Squiggle, music and movement, sensory learning, segmenting, blending, reading, writing and phonics activities. The children are assessed and tracked throughout the course.

“100% of our children passed the Phonics Screening test – this has never happened before!”Class teacher

Parental Engagement Project

At Learning Bugs we know that early childhood is a crucial time for both cognitive and non-cognitive development. Research has shown that good quality parenting and quality care in the preschool years leads to fewer behavioural problems, better literacy and higher attainment in the school years.

Our Parental Engagement Project works with schools to offer stay and play sessions to parents with babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers a chance to engage with school before they officially begin. It gives children the opportunity to learn imperative skills, ensuring they are school ready and gives parents the opportunity to understand what children really need to know. All our classes have a strong literacy focus and come with activity books for parental use.

We aim to help schools to develop positive home learning environments with children in their community.

“My child loves Learning Bugs and I can see how much he is benefiting from the sessions. We practice what he has learnt at home!”Parent

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