Meet the Product Testers - Learning Bugs
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Meet the Product Testers


Here they are – Learning Bugs highly educated, expertly skilled and vastly knowledgeable (well, in all things play that is!) product testers. They’re children, of all ages and abilities, with all interests and personalities. They’re here to test our products and if they don’t like it, we won’t sell it!

All our product testers are children because we’re huge advocates of free, unstructured, open ended play, so really, the only candidates for the job! This type of play without predetermined rules or outcomes is critical for the development of children’s bodies and brains and is an area we’re going to be talking about in more detail over the next coming weeks over on our blog.

One of the best ways to encourage play is to provide children with toys that can be used in a number of ways. We’ve scoured the nation to bring you a range of toys that will help to support children’s development in all areas of learning and development. Learning Bugs marketplace is categorised by the different types of learning that takes place during childhood, for example, creative play, phonics, STEM, imaginative play and physical development. Each area of learning will feature videos of our product testers and educational professionals explaining the importance behind the area and information about how it can be fostered and developed at home.

Learning Bugs is a new educational hub for creative producers, consumers and educational professionals to work together to enhance the learning outcomes for children in the early years and beyond. We aim to bring together the parent, the school and the product in a one stop shop for all your educational toy needs.

We just love to see children playing and learning and reaching their natural next steps and when they do we want you to share it with us on our social media channels. Just hashtag Larryslearneroftheweek with a photograph of your little one with their Learning Bugs product and they could win themselves their very own Larry Ladybird!

We’re looking forward to bringing you all things playing and learning,

Learning Bugs xx

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