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Kids rooms can get cluttered with all sorts of toys, clothes, arts and crafts equipment and more!  It can be tricky to find a layout that includes all of your child’s belongings whilst giving them the comfort and space to play that is so important.

Our new FLIPiT furniture is perfect for saving precious space without limiting children, due to the way that it can easily and instantly convert.

Need a bedside table for a night light and drink?  FLIPiT!  Need a comfortable seat for reading a bedtime story? FLIPiT!  Time to sit down and do some homework?  FLIPiT! Want to join in with a grownup at the kitchen worktop?  FLIPiT!

Whether it’s a place to rest, a place to create, a stepping stool or an extra surface for storage our FLIPiT furniture will become indispensable around the home.  Available in a range of colours and sizes to suit your needs and interior this ingenious problem solver is clever, durable and safe.

FLIPiT is simple and very stable. A FLIPiT Desk/Chair is available in four Colours Natural, White, Blue, Pink.

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FLIPiT Desk/Chair

Can be a nightstand, play table, step and side table.

FLIPiT is simple but stable.

A FLIPiT chair is really a must have, in any room and is very clever.

Colours Natural, White, Blue, Pink.

Age Range (1-5 years).

Made from Light Plywood painted using non toxic water based paint.

Measurements : B 33cm x H 33cm x D 33cm Small

Weight: 3kg

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