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Gifts for Preschoolers

Looking for the perfect gifts for preschoolers? We’ve selected our favourites for inspiring a love of learning and play for any pre-school aged child between 3-5 years old.

  • Little Dutch Tower Game

    £13.95 £12.56
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  • Classic World Tool Bench

    £52.50 £47.25
  • Sale! tender leaf toys mountain view transettender leaf toys mountain view train setQuick View
  • Sale! tender leaf play tabletender leaf play tableQuick View

    Tender Leaf Play Table

    £147.00 £132.30
  • Sale! tender leaf birds nest cafetender leaf birds nest cafeQuick View
  • Tender Leaf Rainmaker

    £13.00 £11.70
  • Sale! tender leaf toys stacking farmyardtender leaf stacking farmyardQuick View
  • Sale! tender leaf toys the friend shiptender leaf toys the friend shipQuick View
  • Sale! Quick View
  • Sale! tonies mickey tonietonies mickey tonieQuick View
  • Sale! tonies disney minnie tonietonies disney minnie tonieQuick View
  • Sale! tonies finding nemo tonietonies finding memo tonieQuick View
  • Sale! tonies cinderella Tonietonies cinderella TonieQuick View

    Tonies – Cinderella

    £14.99 £13.49
  • Sale! Tonies Grandma creative tonietonies creative tonie grandmaQuick View
  • Sale! Tonies Creative Tonie Grandadtonies creative tonie grandadQuick View
  • Sale! Tonies Miffy Tonietonies kiffeQuick View

    Tonies – Miffy

    £14.99 £13.49

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