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Peg Dolls

Open ended children’s toys, like the peg dolls for sale at Learning Bugs, provide a platform for little ones to use their imagination to create magical play worlds to enjoy. Sustainable and beautifully-crafted, have your pick from our wide array of different high quality offerings and other accessories to challenge a child’s mind to learn while they play.


Huge variety of peg dolls in the UK

At Learning Bugs, you can find a wide array of peg dolls in the UK that inspire education through play. Get little ones playing with these enduring dolls, which help teach them a range of different life skills as they have fun. Discover a range of peg dolls that educate children on days of the week, colours, emotions, seasons and more. There’s also a plethora of accessories to add extra dimensions to your children’s open-ended play time, such as caves, villages and even rockets. You won’t be lacking in choice so browse our options now and encourage your little one’s learning through play.

Why buy peg dolls?

Children don’t need expensive and elaborate toys when their mind can happily conjure magic all on its own. A child’s imagination is a hugely powerful tool and anything you can do to push them to discover its potential is ideal. Made of wood, our range of peg dolls are a safe and sustainable toy which support your little minds to explore made up worlds to drive their enthusiasm and creative spark. These classic and timeless toys will stand the test of time and are designed to be ideal for little hands to act out made-up scenarios, whether playing alone or with their friends.

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