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Children's Wall Art

Turn your child’s bedroom into the Tate Modern through the variety of stunning Children’s Wall Art for sale at Learning Bugs. We’ve curated a delightful selection of artwork which is vibrant, educational and cute in equal measure.


Children’s wall art that inspires and suits any space

Picking out the perfect designs that balance cuteness and academia, as well as seamlessly blend in with your interior, is no easy task. Within our range of children’s wall art you’ll find a fantastic variety of options; from sweet animal prints and vibrant galleries, through to alphabet themes for inspiring learning and motivational quotes or fun slogans. Why not add some bunting and pendant flags to add a new dimension to any space? Take your time to browse all of our Kids’ Wall Art, as there’s bound to be something in our stock that suits you, your little one’s personality and the room’s decor.

Give the gift of Children’s Wall Art Prints

Whether it’s a christening, birthday or a present to greet a new arrival, Children’s Wall Art Prints make the perfect gift. Choose artwork of their favourite animal or a slogan that really speaks to them. There’s something for all ages within our selection and our customisable options can make sure your present really hits the spot. Why not help them celebrate their child’s artistic flair by choosing to gift a frame that allows them to showcase their very own artwork around their room? There are also banners, bunting, panels and wall rugs of all shapes and sizes, so you won’t be lacking in choice.

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