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Children's Wallpaper

We have carefully sourced children’s wallpaper to create the perfect calming, playful and comfortable bedroom, playroom, or nursery for your child. Choose from a collection of fun, calming and creative designs in our children’s wallpaper range. When it comes to decorating your little one’s bedroom, look no further than Learning Bugs wallpaper collection. Our selection of children’s wallpaper is designed for both playrooms and bedrooms and will bring delight to their bedtime routine and daily adventures: from rainbow patterns, jungle prints, to pink or blue children’s wallpaper, we have a selection of fun and quirky designs.

With our modern children’s wallpaper, we bring you an array of children’s wallpaper for girls’ and boys’ bedrooms. Our stylish children’s wallpaper and decor is not only something your children will love but something you can also be proud to show off in your home. Transform and modernise your home décor with our modern children’s wallpaper giving any space a fresh new look.


Bring Imagination with Children’s Wallpaper

With children’s wallpaper, we can transform your little ones’ room into a place of fun, warmth and comfort. With over 30 children’s wallpapers to choose from we believe there is one for everyone. From making your new born baby’s room feel calming and cosy with our nursery wallpaper to transforming your toddlers’ bedroom to a place of fun through children’s wallpaper.

Children are full of imagination and character and your child’s room should be an extension of their personality.  Here at Learning Bugs, we have all of the children’s wallpaper you need to make their room their own. Whether you are looking for something fun and colourful or looking for something a bit more grown up, our children’s wallpaper range caters for everyone. Choose from Learning Bugs modern kids wallpaper season designs or some of our favourite children’s wallpaper classics. In our children’s wallpaper collection, we have traditional boy’s wallpaper and girl’s wallpaper prints alongside unisex designs that are perfect for your new arrivals baby bedroom.

As children grow, they are always learning and here at Learning Bugs our goal is to find toys that don’t place limitations on play but inspire children to imagine, to create and to engage and what’s a better way than to add a little imagination through children’s wallpaper. From animals and scenery to education and the solar system, you’re sure to find the perfect children’s wallpaper mural for the little one in your life.

A spaceship to the moon, a fairy-tale kingdom, or a bedroom in the jungle, choose from our children’s wallpaper collection to give your child’s imagination the fuel it needs. Create a room that has a place of no limitations and is full of imagination and bring your child’s bedroom to life with a children’s wallpaper they love. If you fancy adding a modern look to their room, why not look at our sprinkle wallpaper or bring the outdoors in with our floral and nature inspired children’s wallpaper? Whatever they’re into, and where ever their imagination takes them you are sure to find an awesome children’s wallpaper design in our vast collection!

Toys and Children’s Wallpaper that connects

Allow children to connect with their surroundings through children’s wallpaper. We know children love to play and we also know that they all have a favourite toy, from loving to learn and bring imagination to their daily play and activities with their much-loved toy doll, to being a racing car driver or dinosaur adventurer. So, let’s bring their love of toys and imagination to life further through children’s wallpaper. From adding dinosaur or jungle wallpapers, through to rainbows and robots wallpaper, let’s bring fun, imagination and dreams to life by transforming your children’s bedroom or playroom to a place of excitement and entertainment with children’s wallpaper.

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