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Tonies & Tonies Toniebox

Transport your little ones to a storytelling land full of children’s fantasies and wonderful adventures with the incredible Tonies & Tonies Toniebox for sale at Learning Bugs.

  • Sale! tonies mickey tonietonies mickey tonieQuick View
  • Sale! tonies disney minnie tonietonies disney minnie tonieQuick View
  • Sale! tonies finding nemo tonietonies finding memo tonieQuick View
  • Sale! tonies cinderella Tonietonies cinderella TonieQuick View

    Tonies – Cinderella

    £14.99 £13.49
  • Sale! Tonies Grandma creative tonietonies creative tonie grandmaQuick View
  • Sale! Tonies Creative Tonie Grandadtonies creative tonie grandadQuick View
  • Sale! Tonies Miffy Tonietonies kiffeQuick View

    Tonies – Miffy

    £14.99 £13.49
  • Sale! Tonies Favourite Tales Puss in Boots and other fairy talestonies Tonies Favourite Tales Puss in Boots and other fairy talesQuick View
  • Sale! Tonies Favourite Children's songsTonies Favourite Children's songsQuick View
  • Sale! tonies favourite classics Peter Pantonies favourite classics Peter PanQuick View
  • Tonies – Disney Aladdin

    £14.99 £13.49
  • Tonies – Peppa Pig

    £14.95 £13.46
  • Sale! Tonie StickmanQuick View

    Tonies – Stickman

    £14.99 £13.49
  • Sale! Tonies Whales and DolphinsQuick View
  • Sale! Tonies The Snowman TonieQuick View
  • Sale! Toniebox greenTonieboxQuick View
  • Sale! TonieboxTonieboxQuick View
  • Sale! Tonies Little Red Riding Hood TonieQuick View
  • Sale! Tonies zog TonieQuick View

    Tonies – Zog Tonie

    £14.99 £13.49
  • Sale! Tonies The Highway Rat TonieQuick View
  • Sale! Tonies creative unicorn TonieQuick View
  • Sale! Tonies Creative Pirate TonieQuick View
  • Sale! Tonies Toniebox Grey Starter SetQuick View
  • Sale! Tonies Toniebox Red Starter SetQuick View

tonies® Toniebox

This award-winning audio system for children has taken Europe by storm and is now available here in the UK and Ireland. Gift your children a love of reading and storytelling by simply popping on their favourite story, lullaby or fairytale to keep them out of mischief or send them off to blissful slumber with a treasure trove of tales.

The Toniebox is perfect for bedtime with its soft surfaces designed to be cuddled tight and its build quality able withstand the rough and tumble over the course of a night’s sleep. Offering the perfect escape for kids, the Toniebox is ready to start a story immediately while seamlessly downloading the rest in the background for an uninterrupted listening experience. Its excellent usability even extends to the parents with simple to adjust settings to control volume and accessibility.

A go anywhere audio player for kids

With a battery life of seven hours and the ability to download and store an enviable amount of stories, without the need for continual Wi-Fi access, the Toniebox is the ideal travelling companion for kids.

A full range of Tonies for sale

Here at Learning Bugs, we stock a comprehensive range of Toniebox starter sets and Tonies of your children’s favourite tales such as The Gruffalo, Lion King and many more. Simply pop in a Tonie and enjoy hours of audio fun for kids.

Send your little ones on a magical adventure today!

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