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Wooden Toys

Here you’ll find our best selection of wooden toys to improve baby sensory, physical development for toddlers and hours of open-ended play.

  • Little Dutch Memory Box

    £27.99 £25.19
  • Little Dutch Pink Guitar

    £26.99 £24.29
  • Little Dutch Blue Guitar

    £26.99 £24.29
  • IGGY Building Blocks

    £34.99 £31.49
  • IGGY Activity Cube

    £42.99 £38.69

Wooden Toys

Your children will fall in love with these wooden toys that will never go out of style. From balance boards to wooden sorting bowls, you’ll find toys suitable for babies, toddlers and children of all ages within this durable range of toys.

Our environmentally friendly toys look beautiful displayed around your home as well as in the toy box, so you don’t have to worry about hiding them all away when visitors come over! If you’re looking for something particularly beautiful to display in your children’s room that they’ll also love to play with, we recommend our Wooden Rainbow Stacks. Or our Let’s Pretend range which includes the most gorgeous wooden dolls that will become your child’s new best friend whilst sitting pretty on top of a shelf at bedtime.

Instead you can focus on encouraging hours of imaginative play with these beautiful toys. Make sure to look at our selection of Grapat handcrafted toys which are some of our favourites of the whole range. They are gorgeous!

Chosen by teachers

At Learning Bugs, high quality toys are our top priority which is why our toys are hand picked by teachers with your child’s development in mind. We ensure that each product we stock will provide hours of entertainment for your little ones and encourage learning through play with a range of activities.

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About Learning Bugs

The team at Learning Bugs have a background of teaching the Early Years and Primary School education and we’re passionate about supporting child development and providing children with endless learning opportunities. Our goal is to find toys that don’t place limitations on play, but inspire children to imagine, to create and to engage.

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