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Aykasa Midi Folding Crate - Coconut Milk

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Aykasa folding crates create extra storage space and come in many colours and sizes. Produced from the same raw material that baby bottles are produced from, Aykasa folding crates are non toxic and safe for kids to use! Inspired by children for super fun, playful storage solutions.

A Closer Look

The Details

The Aykasa Folding Crates are designed for organising and storage solutions with added cool factor. Use the crates to create extra storage space for the clothes, toys and stationery of your children, making organising their things easy and fun!

Mix and match the colours and stack on top of one another for the ultimate space saving storage with a stylish twist. When you are not using the folding crates, you can fold and save space. They are superimposable and durable.

Available in a variety of colours and sizes

Materials: Food safe plastic

Measurements: Length 27cm x Width 17cm x Depth 11cm

Care: Wipe clean

Mr Mole's Marvellous Ideas

Do you want to have a more organised nursery or playroom? The number one rule is to categorise. Put similar toys, clothing or other items together meaning children can find them more easily independently, giving them a stronger sense of choice and responsibility.

Larry's Learning Outcomes

Organised toys look more appealing to children. It shows them that you value their things and that they hold importance. In turn this teaches children to respect and take care of their toys.

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