Our dress-ups are open ended and inspired by Waldorf kindergarten classrooms, which allows children to use them over and over again to pretend to be many different things. Our capes are often used for superhero play, knights, Peter Pan, gnomes, princesses, fairies and much more. The beauty of a dress-up box/collection is that kids have to add imagination to the pieces and create the costume!

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Our silk capes are a staple of dress-up and dramatic play.

Solid colour capes are reversible, silky soft and durable.

Rainbow and Star capes are a single layer of heavy weight silk.

Elastic neck band and satin ribbon ties make our capes easy to put on and take off.
•32″ long.
•Fits most children between ages 3 and 8.

Hand wash/hang dry/medium iron.

Safety tested for kids 3+.


Red / blue, Rainbow

Larry's Learning Outcomes

Children have long since loved dressing up, but did you know that dressing up is much more than simply donning a princess dress or pirates costume? Their brain is developing in more ways than you can imagine! Dressing up helps to develop their imagination and self-exploration, it helps to support inter personal skills and their emotional development. They’re problem solving when engaged in role play, they’re imitating and learning to understand the world around them. All this from a costume?

Mr Mole's Marvellous Ideas

Do you want to really crank up the creativity level when dressing up and engaging in role play with children? Create a dress up box. Fill it with things that are open ended, that can become anything! Fill it with play silks and scarves, with hats and old items from granny’s wardrobe and watch them turn cloth in to capes and magic carpets and beautiful princess skirts. Really set their imagination on fire!