Castle Peg Dolls


Ignite imaginative role play with this set of beautifully hand painted wooden peg dolls.

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A beautiful Set of four hand painted castle themed dolls. These figures will be sure to ignite excitement and creativity into your child’s play. Each set includes a king, queen, knight and a dragon. Perfect for imaginative play and storytelling. Great set to add to story sacks.

Each rounded doll is made using a solid piece of beech wood and measures 6.5cm tall. The dolls are lovingly hand painted using non-toxic paints and sealant so there will be slight variations.

We recommend these dolls for children 12 months and over, the carry the CE mark and are suitable for small hands.

Please allow up to 2 weeks before dispatch.

Larry's Learning Outcomes

Open ended play means children engaging in toys or objects with no instruction or direction. So, blocks that may become a castle or material that becomes a den. The point is they decide. It utilises all their creativity and allows them to really expand their imaginative skills. They have to problems solve and to communicate. It encourages social development and social interaction. Fear of making mistakes is still one of the biggest barriers to learning, engaging in open ended play provides a low stress environment. There’s no expected outcome. So, children are more likely to take risks, to feel safe making mistakes and to realise this is one of the most important ways to learn.

Mr Mole's Mavellous Ideas

When choosing toys for you child, ask yourself, does it allow children to make choices about their play or tell them how to play? Being more aware of the toys your children play with will help to develop a more creative and open ended environment.