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Dream Pillow Lamby

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Hi, I am Lamby! I am soft & gentle and I’m the cuddliest of all the Dreamimals™. I love snuggling and sharing sweet dreams. Plus, Whenever you worry, my specialty is calming your fears.

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A Closer Look

The Details

Top rated kid`s pillow in USA. Natural child sleep remedy helps avoid nightmares and disturbed sleep, child anxiety and insomnia. Improves and promotes children’s POSITIVE THINKING, VISUALIZATION and is a COMFORTING Cuddle CUSHION and Emotional Support helper.

The Dream Pillow is a fun super soft plush toy that you can snuggle, it lets kids be in charge of their dreams and then EVERYONE in the family gets a GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP! Helps parent and child bond in a relaxed and calm environment. Creates a comfort zone around a BEDTIME RITUAL. Allow your child to write or draw their thoughts and dreams onto the notes and put it inside the pillow for a peaceful sleep SWEET DREAMS!

A thoughtful GIFT that Stimulates CREATIVITY, improves COMMUNICATION, Encourages and boosts CONFIDENCE in children. It also creates QUALITY family BONDING TIME for a lifelong connection.

Allows little ones to enjoy a restful night’s sleep resulting in a well-rested and EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY CHILD.
Bye Bye nervousness, when TRANSITION is near. When your kids express their hopes and dreams, they can put them inside their Dream Pillow and cuddle up as they drift off to sleep.

Kids can wear it like a pillow cuff and it stays with them all night long! Won’t fall through the cracks or on the floor! PURE COMFORTING COMPANION, IN BED, ON THE ROAD LIKE A RELIABLE GOOD FRIEND!

Also, a comfortable travel friend for any kid on road trips & airplanes. STRESS BUSTER: Gives a sense of relaxation for your little one where ever they go. This will surely be their favourite companion. It’s both charming and adorable!

It makes going to bed fun, encouraging Kids to craft stories to dream up. For Parent’s, the Dream Pillow is a tool. Teaching children about the power of their thoughts the importance of good sleep, and positive thinking, all the while creating a new bedtime ritual that will create a bond for years to come. And it all starts with the simple question, “What do you want to dream?” Dream Pillow is boxed and includes memo notes.

Let’s Start Dreaming!!! Dream Pillow is boxed and includes diary memo notes.
“Write it down, Dream it up”

High-quality 100% Cotton. BPA & Phthalates free. Easy to wash in cold water, Gentle cycle

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