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FLYTE - Olivia the Owl - Travel Backpack


Release your little monsters on the world to kick start their adventure. Don’t worry, Sid will keep his eye on them and their travel essentials. But we can’t promise no mischief!

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A Closer Look

The Details

Add this little Owl to your travels and not only will you have a cuddly buddy to keep you company, but hidden inside is a backpack to put all your essentials.

All our Flyte plushies have a Velcro strap to let you clip them onto your Flyte case!

Mr Mole's Marvellous Ideas

To travel is a marvellous adventure and Mr Mole loves to travel! Whether it’s local days out in and around the area that he lives in or jetting off to far flung tropical shores, he knows that adventure will follow.
Sometimes being away from home can feel a little strange though so Mr Mole makes sure that he takes all of his favourite familiar things with him to make him feel at home wherever he is in the world.
He packs his Flyte scooter case with his favourite teddy, blanket and some snacks and he’s off to make memories that will last a life time.

Larry's Learning Outcomes

Larry is a huge fan of travelling with children, their learning experiences will become so rich from spending time in unexplored environments, around alternative cultures and hearing different languages. The broad range of opportunities that they will be exposed to is invaluable and being able to take their own belongings with them on their travels will enable them to feel safe, keep them busy during travel time and give them a sense of familiarity in new surroundings.

The scooter function is a fabulous way for little ones to be able to be responsible for their own luggage without them having to carry a heavy bag and gross motor skills will be developed whilst activity levels increase as they enjoy scooting their way to new adventures.

About The Brand

With Flyte, every adventure is possible. Their unique scooter suitcase revolutionises travel for little explorers combining fun and functionality for the whole family.The award-winning Flyte is a compact piece of kids’ luggage that is an original and exciting prospect for travelling families everywhere. The successful formula combines a pull-along case with its own flip out deck so children have their own scooter on-the-go.Perfect for holidays, days out, tackling the school run or for adventures in the garden, Flyte want to help kids create memories on the journey, not just at the destination and help relieve the stress that many families experience when travelling.

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