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Kid’s Concept Car Track Extension - Aiden

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Making sure that their toys grow along side them means that children can treasure their favourites for longer, help them to expand their Aiden city and extend their play opportunities.

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The Details

Making sure that their toys grow alongside them means that children can treasure their favourites for longer, help them to expand their Aiden city and extend their play opportunities.

Wooden components to expand our car track with an openable bridge. Extend our large car track with this expansion set and build fun new tracks in any shape you can imagine! Contains eleven wooden parts, including three parking spaces, a road barrier, six road sections, and two extra-long parking spaces for the truck, fire engine, and bus. Expand Aiden City and make room for all the vehicles in the Aiden series. Fits all Kid’s concept cars and buses.

Aiden – do the city life.
Take the bus home after work, and take the elevator up to the pool for a refreshing dip. A few backflips into the cooling water. The heat up on the roof is intense. Roll down the sun shade and chill out in the shade. Then take the elevator down to the kitchen and cook up a tasty dinner on the induction hob. Oh no! Look at all the rubbish left after dinner! What do we do with it all? Quickly build a road to the house so that the waiting rubbish truck can take care of all the rubbish. The rubbish truck lifts the bins and quickly sorts the metal, glass, paper, and green waste. A roaring start, and then it’s gone. Take the elevator back up and snooze on the sofa. An ordinary day in Aiden city.

Rec. age months +12
Color Dark grey/Nature
Length in cm 28.5
Width in cm 21
Height in cm 0.8
Other dimensions
Parking lot for cars: 28.5x21x0.8 cm.
Parking lot for the bigger vehicles: 35x16x0.8 cm.
Open road barrier: 5x5x16 cm.
Closed road barrier: 12.5x5x5 cm.
Number of parts (mounted)11
Functions Wooden components to expand our car track
Net Weight (g) 1786
PaintType Water based color
Material Plywood/Beech/Stainless steel
Material Description
Piece of puzzle: Birch plywood. Road barriers: Beech. Rotating function in road barriers: stainless steel.
Clean with a damp cloth. Wipe dry with clean cloth.

The product is intended for children over 12 months. Remove the wrapping and packaging before giving the product to a child. Retain the information and the address for future reference.


Mr Mole's Marvellous Ideas

Mr Mole is the mayor of his very own city! Mayor Mole gets so excited when it’s time to play with his wooden city toys. He can be a builder, a firefighter, a bus driver or complete laps in a race car when he combines his city toys to make his own little world where his imagination is the only limit to the fun!

Larry's Learning Outcomes

Having toys that can be used in conjunction with others can encourage children to develop problem solving skills and help with organising and planning. Larry also sees all of the opportunities that are available to broaden imaginations and vocabulary when conversations naturally occur that are based around geography and the environment.
Children will be involved in so many layers of real world activity that they will be able to gain life experience in a safe place before transferring their skills in to the big wide world!

About The Brand

Kid’s Concept is a Swedish design company founded 2007. They create functional and innovative products, and are passionate about spreading joy and encouraging more play for all children. Kids Concept design products to help simplify life with children and give them the opportunity to enjoy a childhood that’s both safe and fun. A child’s only limitation should be their imagination. Kids Concept unique designs and co-ordinated series are the key to their success.

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