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Little Dutch Pounding Bench Ocean

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The lovely Little Dutch Hammer Bench is a very good exercise for children’s motor skills, little hands will love to use the hammer to tap the 6 coloured pegs through the wooden hammer bench.

Finished hammering? Turn the bench over and start again! So much fun to be had.

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A Closer Look

The Details

Tap tap tap! Use the mallet to pound the 6 coloured pegs into the wooden pounding bench. This is a very good exercise for children’s motor skills. Finished pounding? Turn the bench over and start again! This will keep children entertained for a while.

12+ months


Pine, wood, water-based paint

1 wooden pounding bench with 6 pegs and 1 hammer


Mr Mole's Marvellous Ideas

Guide your little one to select the correct spaces for their blocks, can you stack the the shapes high too, can you reach the clouds with the dreamy blocks?

Larry's Learning Outcomes

Shape sorters are not just great toys for developing knowledge around size, shape and problem solving but will naturally develop childrens’ fine motor skills, grasping motions and gripping strength. Conversations based around nature and colour will also develop organically when exploring this beautiful, classic toy.

About The Brand

Little Dutch is a Dutch-born brand for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. For more than a decade, their in-house design team has been creating a wide collection of versatile products that are equally interesting and practical for in the house or on the go, to keep for yourself or to give as a present. Little Dutch designs are an enrichment for children who grow up and parents who bring up. From toys and bed linen to essentials and decoration, Little Dutch ensures that each product is a real treasure. We think of the little ones as much as we follow their parent’s wishes. Little Dutch products provide a timeless sense of style, are fun to play with, and completely safe for use by children. Little Dutch is committed to supporting both parenthood and the development of every child as much as possible, no matter what the day brings. Their designs are as functional as they are fascinating. They sparkle joy, add comfort, and bring ease. Little Dutch makes everyday happiness more happy.

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