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Meri Meri Dinosaur Dress Up

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Make dressing up time ROARSOME with this dazzling dinosaur costume!

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A Closer Look

The Details

Make dressing up time ROARSOME with this dazzling dinosaur costume!

Little dino lovers will adore this Dinosaur Dress Up set! It makes a fantastic gift and and an excellent addition to a dress up box. The hooded jacket is crafted from red and copper lame. It has felt facial details and spikes sewn on the back. Perfect for lots of roaring good fun!

The hooded cape is crafted from red and copper lame, and lined with black polycotton
Embellished with black felt nostrils and eyes, and white felt teeth
It has fabulous blue cotton spikes sewn on the back for a dramatic effect
It has a silver snap fastener sewn onto the center tab
Suitable for ages 3-6 years
Product dimensions:
Neck – 495mm, Length – 813mm

Mr Mole's Marvellous Ideas

Dressing up is so much fun and a really important learning through play activity! Children can pretend to be prehistoric in this beautiful set. When playing with friends they can take on the role of sabre tooth tiger, woolly mammoth or pterodactyl when taking it turns to play the opposite character to the dazzling dinosaur!

Larry's Learning Outcomes

One of the key areas of development that can be harnessed when playing with costumes is that of emotional development. By taking on a new character, little ones can evolve their sense of confidence, self esteem and empathy.
Find out more about the character that your little one has become! Open needed learning can go on and on as areas such as habitats, story telling and of course the fascinating prehistoric times are explored!

About The Brand

A World of Party and Play!The Meri Meri family of products are their passion, crafted lovingly because they come from one goal: to preserve the wonder of childhood throughout a whole life.Party . . .Meri Meri make things for magical celebrations: a child’s birthday, an anniversary, an Easter egg hunt, a perfect Christmas. If you’re planning a special event they’ve created something just for you.. . . and playThe gang over at Meri Meri design beautiful playthings for little people. They can make friends with mermaids, pirates and unicorns. They can discover a world at the end of a rainbow. They can turn a room into a wild jungle or fairy wonderland.. . . and more playGrown-ups need to play too! Sharing a romantic Valentine’s dinner, decorating the Christmas tree for the first or fiftieth time, quietly celebrating a close friendship. Let Meri Meri help you evoke lasting memories.. . . and the magic of home.Play starts at home. Lighting the flickering candles, hanging pictures on a wall, decorating your new baby’s room. They can transform your dreams into your spaces!How they do it:“I’ve always loved the process of coming up with an idea and bringing it to life. Imagination is freedom,” Meredithe Stuart-Smith, our founder and president.The company have been using their imagination for over 30 years, from Meredithe creating their first hand-made cards on her kitchen table to their present studio of designers, illustrators and crafters conjuring up party products, decorations, children’s toys and stationery. Everything they produce undergoes an imaginative evolution, starting with that spark of a new idea through to the careful choice of a finish to make a product perfect.Welcome to the world of Meri Meri- we can’t wait to share it with you!

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