Mindful Kids


Start the day strong. Has a child in your life woken up on the wrong side of the bed? Use the breathing and visualization activities to help them notice their mood and release any grumpy feelings or worries.

Introducing Mindful Kids, the one-of-a-kind mindfulness activity deck for kids age 4 to 14! Make any moment mindful from morning to night with 5 categories of cards, designed to fit into each part of the day. Whimsical full-colour illustrations on both sides of the cards provide easy-to-follow steps for each practice. The cards and 8-page instructional booklet include tips for children of a wide range of abilities, making this deck an inclusive tool for nurturing inner peace and strength.

Larry's Learning Outcomes

Learning mindfulness techniques can give children many social, emotional and cognitive benefits. It has been proven that children who engage in mindfulness activities cope better with stress. They are able to engage more fully with themselves and with the world. It can help children to focus and become less anxious. Children learn to pause and respond to situations rather than to react. They have a better understanding of how their brain works and an increased sense of curiosity about the world. Research shows that when mindfulness is practiced, it has a positive impact on both mental health and wellbeing.

Mr Mole's Marvellous Ideas

Is your child having a particularly stressful moment, this could be due to difficult homework or an upset at home. Give them a brain break! Just take 3-5 minutes to focus, be present and clear their minds. Taking a moment of quiet can really help to just be calm and peaceful and remember the things that really matter in life.