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Petit Boum Rainbow Touch Sacks

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Inspire the senses of babies and children with these beautiful sensory bottles. Designed to fuel the senses, they are filled with beautiful colours, shapes and treasures

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A Closer Look

The Details

Petit Boum Rainbow Touch Sacks are four cotton sachets filled with carefully selected natural materials that become a sensory treat to encourage babies to explore the world while continuing to play.

Inspired by Montessori pedagogy, these sensory bags offer a variety of sounds and textures to promote the development of the stereognostic sense, that is, one that allows us to recognize an object without the intervention of our eyes.

The hint cards complete the game, with which the baby will test her deductive ability. The images and the content of the sachets are related, so that a wide range of possibilities is opened to explore and play with the sensory sachets.


4 cotton bags sewn by hand with contents of nature: cork, wood slices, natural stones and wood shavings.
4 tiles to complete the game.
Bag size: 10 cm
+12 months

Mr Mole's Marvellous Ideas

The perfect activity to bring children back to the ‘moment’ and to regulate any of those big emotions.

Larry's Learning Outcomes

It helps to build nerve connections in the brain.
It encourages the development of motor skills.
It supports language development.
It encourages ‘scientific thinking’ and problem solving.
It can involve mindful activities which are beneficial for all children.

About The Brand

Handmade toys designed with the heart. Each of the Petit Boum sensory bottles is the result of efforts to offer special, beautiful and stimulating toys to little ones. Therefore, they count on the advice of pediatricians and visual therapists together with the most strict safety approvals. Petit Boum bottles are BPA-, metal- and phalates free. The bottles do not break and are completely safe for the children to handle, even with the mouth. The interior is sealed and has a second wooden plug, ideal for small hands and very pleasant to the touch.At Petit Boum they believe in a learning model that respects the rhythms and spontaneity of children, with a leading role in their autonomy and their inherent ability to discover and learn at every single step. This is why our toys are perfect not only for home but also for nurseries, schools, Montessori schools, therapeutic spaces…

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