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Talking Tokens


The Arlo & Jude talking tokens have been designed to encourage children to reflect on their day.

It can be hard for little ones to initiate conversation about their day so the tokens help to open up communication. The focus is on the positives of the day and things they would like to remember but the tokens can also give children the chance to raise any concerns or worries.

The activity is perfect to do before bed and you can choose to use all the tokens or just one or two.

Included is an A6 instructions card, 4 wooden tokens and an Arlo & Jude cotton bag. The tokens are:-

  • star – something they are grateful for

  • heart – something they are proud of

  • moon – something they would like to remember about the day

  • cloud – something they might do differently

We recommend the tokens are used by age 4 and upwards.

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