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Tumbleweed Silicone Balls


Toss them, tumble them and throw them through the air, these lightweight but sturdy balls are just right for tiny fingers.


A Closer Look

The Details

Toss them, tumble them and throw them through the air, these lightweight but sturdy balls are just right for tiny fingers.

The soft and squidgy silicone balls are perfect for gripping, teething and super soft to throw around.

Choose from Brick red or Sand.

They measure 10cm wide.

Mr Mole's Marvellous Ideas

There are so many ways that babies and little ones can enjoy these tactile tumbleweed balls! The tiniest of tots can enjoy gripping and grasping the lightweight form whilst they explore the texture of the silicone and use the ball to soothe sore gums by adopting the ball as a teething toy investigating it with their mouths.

The sensory aspect of the silicone toy means that childrens’ visual and physical development can benefit through depth perception, visual tracking, hand-eye coordination and much more!

Larry's Learning Outcomes

Children and babies can link fun, imagination and physical development whilst enjoying their time playing with a toy that is so flexible that it can be used to strengthen fine and gross motor skills by rolling, gripping, throwing and catching.
The tumbleweed balls open space design means that they are perfect for exploring shape and space. What can fit inside the ball? Will your chosen object fall straight through? Let’s find out!

About The Brand

When Sarah set up Blossom and Bear 5 years ago, when her babies were napping she was creating an outlet for herself and at the same time hoped to create a few products that other mums like her would love and appreciate. She started off primarily with teething rings and necklaces that could be worn and look gorgeous but be chewed on at the same time, something for mama and something for bubba. This really became the vision for what Blossom and Bear stands for today, fusing style, comfort and need for you and your little ones. This is them today. Like any growing family there is a few more of them now. Faith and Sarah had always shared a passion for illustration, colour and good design and our collective experiences have taught us that two heads are normally better than one, so in 2019 Faith joined to become part of the creative side of Blossom and Bear. We love nothing more than spending hours doodling, drawing and inventing new ideas for toys, products and patterns. We hope you enjoy looking through our little shop as we continue to bring you beautiful products for you and your family from us and ours.Blossom and Bear xx
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Brick, Sky

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