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Way To Play - Mixed Extension Set

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Their imagination will run wild with this Dutch designed Way To Play road set. Take their adventure anywhere with its easy to connect, unbreakable, waterproof design, it doesn’t even need a flat surface. Their play really has no limits with Way To Play.

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A Closer Look

The Details

The new Way to Play expansion set contains eight road parts : four curves, two straight parts (pedestrian crossing and parking) and two crossed road parts.

The waytoplay road parts are printed on both sides. Put them between or beside your waytoplay roads for even more fun. You expand your waytoplay motorway with eight road parts.

Parent Review

We've had so many hours of fun with the way to play track, our little boys adds it to so many of his other toys and games.
Jay, Cheshire
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Mr Mole's Marvellous Ideas

Open-ended play means giving children resources with no instruction or direction. Try dropping in some beautiful open-ended resources next time your little one is playing with cars or a train track and see where their play takes them.

Larry's Learning Outcomes

Open-ended play helps stretch children’s cognitive skills and  allows children to learn more than you could ever imagine. Children learn to react better in situations, they learn to make choices, and they feel more inspired. Not to mention, play is just overall better when children are in charge of it.



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About The Brand

Waytoplay was born from a family passion for playing with toy cars in sun and sand. Father, inventor and designer Sybren created waytoplay for his son Joep, way back in 2003. That led down a road of evolution to the unbreakable weatherproof road for everyone to enjoy today.

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