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Tender Leaf Toys Wild Pines Train Set


Choo choo!

A contemporary and beautiful take on a traditional train set.

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A Closer Look

The Details

Choo choo, coming through!

This 30 piece track allows for creative layouts and endless storytelling. We love the great outdoors and we want to encourage our children to love it too! This set teaches to respect the world and to keep it lovely and green.

The wonderful character of all the different parts make this train set truly charming and it provides hours of fun and learning through play for a little one. A tree nursery shows trees at different stages of growth, and the track part with 3 big firs will block the track unless they are rotated out of the way, making this train set educational as well as fully functional and fun.

Pick up logs and timber magnetically with the rotating loader vehicle and load one of the back carriages, but beware of the bear fishing in the lake for fish!

Set includes:

30 track pieces including a bridge, 2 sloped edged pieces & 2 track splitters.
An engine and 3 carriages holding 27 small logs of various colours.
A logging truck carrying 9 long timbers with magnetic spots
A rotating loader vehicle
A log pile to hold the logs with a sleeping bear
A lake with 2 magnetised boulders and big bear
A track part with 3 rotating fir trees
4 cut timber logs
A tree nursery with 6 removable trees
Product Dimensions: 94 x 63 x 16 cms

Tender Leaf use top-quality reclaimed rubberwood in Tender Leaf Toys. It is solid, smooth to the touch and looks lovely, which is why they let the natural wood grain show through in so many of their designs. They also use high grade birch plywood which if left its natural colour will have a matte coating applied to protect it.

All of Tender Leaf’s paint colours are non toxic and so safe for little ones. Their wood is formaldehyde free.

Before any of their designs go into production, they are rigorously tested – they know that they are fun to play with, but they have to be sure they are completely safe and durable.

Mr Mole's Marvellous Ideas

Mr Mole is using his train set to transport the people of Moleville around town. They have so many important places to be like work, school, play dates and weekends away! Mr Mole makes sure that everybody uses the train safely and that there are no obstructions on the track.

Larry's Learning Outcomes

Larry knows that children will benefit from so many learning opportunities when using this beautiful train set! Problem solving and logistical skills will be strengthened before children even start their train on a journey as they experiment with the shape of the track and understanding that it needs to be made of a continuous loop.
Learning concepts such as fast/slow, coming/going or forwards/backwards will automatically become a part of play and creativity will be developed as children imagine what the area around their train line is like, where the train has been and where it is going to!

About The Brand

Tender Leaf Toys create exciting worlds of imaginative wooden toys, that are made to last with a lifetime of love. They strive to continuously develop and grow their charmingly quirky products, that are engaging, tirelessly entertaining, and perfect for little hands. While they love to be educational through play, they encourage every child to be authentic so that they can grow with confidence, and have fun at the same time!Products are all dreamt up by Tender Leaf’s lovely designer Danielle, and then brought to life by her good friends at the factory, who are like family! Each part of the Tender Leaf cog is as important as the next, and they love working together to achieve their legacy. Tender Leaf have to be sure that their toys are completely safe and durable. All of their toys meet the safety standard EN71, ASTM and AS/NZ ISO.Creating toys with longevity is what they do best. They work hard to maintain a strong brand identity and together, strive to be the best that they can be.Tender Leaf are deeply committed to protecting Indonesia’s natural resources and only work with reclaimed rubberwood, a by-product of the latex industry. In addition, for every reclaimed tree it uses, Mentari plants a new one, driving ahead the cycle of regeneration. Mentari & Tender Leaf Toys have been awarded the ICTI Ethical Toy Program seal of approval for their ethical and sustainable supply chain.Tender Leaf support Eden Projects here in the UK, who are now recognised as one of the most effective re-forestation projects on the planet. For every order you place with, they plant 10 trees. From raw wood to the finished product, every single stage of production happens in the same family-run factory. Once each toy has been hand-painted, assembled and checked, it is wrapped in paper and packaged in recycled cardboard.Tender Leaf care a lot about being as sustainable to our lovely planet as they can be, and are close to eliminating single use plastic in all of their packaging.

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