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Wobbel Original Bamboo


The Wobbel board original bamboo is a great choice, Waldorf inspired and Montessori approved the Wobbel is both stylish and educational.

A Closer Look

The Details

Wobbel Original Bamboo

Both Stylish and eco friendly the Wobbel board original bamboo is a great choice. The top and bottom layer of the board are made of side pressed, caramelised bamboo with the inner layers made from beech wood. The water based transparent lacquer will help you protect it from scuffs and endure a child friendly finish.

What is the Wobbel Board?

The Wobbel board originates in Waldorf classrooms, the first thing children will want to do on the curved balance board is rock! Standing up, sitting down, lying, back and forth over and over they just love rocking about. All this rocking builds strength, balancing skills and confidence.

A Wobbel is more than just a rocker board though, children use them for all sorts of play, it can be a bridge, a boat, a chair or even a step. Wondering how your child will use the Wobbel board? Funnily enough, only adults ask this question! For children it’s instinctive, the possibilities are endless. Wobbel also grows with your child, younger children can crawl onto it and rock gently, they can use it as a bridge for their toys, while older children will stand and rock and incorporate building blocks or marble runs with the Wobbel as a base.

  • Minimum age recommendation is 0+ months and it is suitable for all ages above.
  • Wobbel is CE certified to a weight limit of 200Kg. It is designed for 1 child at a time to play with when rocking.
  • The Wobbel Pro also contains no wool or other animal based products, making it suitable for a Vegan lifestyle.

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Parent Review

The Wobbel Board has been such a hit, it's been used everyday in our house in so many different ways. We all love it!
Jay, Cheshire
wobbel board

Mr Mole's Marvellous Ideas

Add the wobbel Board to your child’s play next time they are engaged in free play and see what delights they instinctively come up with.

Larry's Learning Outcomes

There are endless learning outcomes with the Wobbel Board, from working on your balance, coordination and spatial awareness, to strengthening the core and other muscles. It’s also great for creativity.


About The Brand

A family run business with an ethos steeped in creativity Wobbel add a little bit of love in to every Wobbel board they make. The ultimate balance and movement board for all ages.

Sky, Wild rose, Forest, Mustard, Mouse

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