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Wooden Dog Pull Along Toy


Anyone for Walkies?!

The beautiful handmade Pull Along Dog toy is so much fun to play with!

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Anyone for Walkies?!

The beautiful handmade Pull Along Dog toy is so much fun to play with! Our Pull Along Puppy has a very smooth surface and doesn’t have any rough edges, it’s a perfect first toy for your little one. The ball-shaped wheels are perfectly designed for pulling this toy on any surface and in any direction. The small wooden ball attached to the string is perfect for little hands to hold. Let your toddler pull this toy around the room and watch their excitement! There are so many wooden pull toys out there to choose from but this pull behind toy will surely win your heart!

Improve fine motor skills, such as grasping and hand-eye coordination. Promote creativity and imagination. Exercise gross motor skills, social & emotional skills. Helps to develop speech and language skills. Also, helps build strength, balance, coordination, and confidence. Perfect to develop physical, mental, and social skills.

Material: body-Beech Wood, wheels- Tilia wood, linseed oil
Size: 5.1 X 5 X 3 inches
Weight: 4.2 oz
Age Range: 3 years & Up
Warning: Adult supervision is recommended.
Keep in mind that the colors and patterns of the wood may vary.

Mr Mole's Marvellous Ideas

There’s plenty of fun to be had whilst taking your dog for a walk! Steer around puddles, roll down hills and visit the pet shop for a treat!

Larry's Learning Outcomes

Larry loves that children can link fun, imagination and physical development whilst enjoying their time playing with a traditional classic. Childrens’ balance will improve whilst gross motor skills flourish and improved spatial awareness is discovered.

About The Brand

Poppy Baby Co is the brainchild of Olga who is originally from Russia. Growing up, she was surrounded by wooden toys — intricate dollhouses, fascinating building blocks, and fun animal puzzles. Many of these toys were handmade by her brother or uncle.She later moved to the United States. When her son was born, she searched far and wide for wooden toys like those she grew up playing with every day. Olga could not find them. That summer, when her son was five months old, she returned to Russia to visit family.Olga discovered that kids in Russia still played with the same wooden toys that she had growing up. She asked her family where she could buy some for her son. Olga’ s family directed her to a small family-owned shop where she purchased several high-quality wooden toys to take back to the United States with her.Olga’ s son loved these toys and wanted to bring them everywhere they went. Several mothers in Olga’s son’s infant playgroup asked where she had gotten the wooden toys that her son always took along with him. Like her, they felt that there was enough plastic in the world and they also wanted their children to have safe, high-quality toys to play with.This prompted Olga to make these toys available for other moms just like her and Poppy Baby Co was born! Now, they partner with skilled artisans in Europe and Eastern Europe who craft their high-quality toys out of natural hardwoods. All of toys are hand finished using natural oils and other safe materials.Inspired by the Montessori and Waldorf methods, at PoppyBabyCo, they believe in the power of open-ended play and admire the work of artisan craftsman who create simple wooden toys that promote imagination, creativity and learning. “Educational” should not equate to “boring”. It is their mission to foster learning through play by providing safe, natural and environmentally friendly educational toys which are beautiful yet simple in order to ignite a child’s imagination and curiosity.Every year of a child’s life is precious and when it comes to development, the early years are critical. In the early months and years, babies’ brains are rapidly developing in the areas of language, socialization, visualization and perception. It’s very important for parents to pay attention to their children’s activities during this period of growth and realize that their toys have a significant impact on this critical phase of learning. The significance of learning at this pivotal time in children’s lives should never be underestimated. It’s crucial to understand that every child has the gift of learning and this precious time should not be wasted.Toys play a vital role in how children learn and toys that enhance their development are the best gifts that can be given to them. The goal at Poppy Baby Co is to provide you with carefully selected educational toys to give your child the benefit of learning through open-ended play in order to promote their overall progress.Each toy sold is of the highest quality, made by hand by extremely talented craftsmen in Europe. They work with small woodworking shops that maintain low production levels, keeping the focus on quality and not quantity. Their craftsmen share their passion and vision of bringing children safe, educational and very unique toys for them to enjoy for years to come.The Poppy Baby Co’s goal is and always will be to have happy customers! They work hard to make sure their customers are always satisfied and are provided with the best service.

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