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Wooden Number Match - Domino Style Puzzle


A fabulous and simplistic way to bring a visual aspect to the all important skill of learning number.

Explore numbers and digits with this innovative matching game for little hands!

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A Closer Look

The Details

A fabulous and simplistic way to bring a visual aspect to the all important skill of learning number.

Explore numbers and digits with this innovative matching game for little hands!

Features 24 wooden blocks consisting of numbers 1-12 and their coordinating quantity shown in domino-style dots. Children are challenged to sort through and correctly match numerals with their quantities. Fun for all ages, whether introducing just a few digits at a time for toddlers, or allowing older children to try and complete it in record time! Perfectly interlocking shapes make 12 satisfying number pairs for kids as they practice counting, number recognition, and subitizing.

Inspired by Montessori materials and sandpaper numbers, we created this tactile, durable game to make learning and numeracy a little more fun and a whole lot more beautiful.

Made of solid maple wood, these lightweight wooden puzzle pieces are made of durable, natural materials and are easy for little ones to grasp, trace, feel, and explore as they learn and play. Intentionally designed in a modern, child-friendly font for easy legibility. This puzzle set contains 24 pieces, with 12 numeral pieces and 12 dot pieces. Comes in a lovely cloth drawstring bag for safekeeping and sustainable, eco-friendly storage.

Each domino number puzzle is designed with love and made by hand in our Ohio workshop from locally sourced lumber. Sealed with organic food-grade mineral oil and safe for children of all ages to enjoy. This modern puzzle is a lovely addition to a playroom, homeschool environment, or as a memorable heirloom quality gift to be enjoyed by little hands for many years.

Each puzzle piece measure approximately 2″ tall x 2″ wide and 0.2″ thick, forming 4″ wide number pairs when matched.
• Sealed safely for babies & children
• Made in-house from locally-sourced lumber
• Wood tone & grain will vary from piece to piece and may differ slightly from photos

Mr Mole's Marvellous Ideas

Learning the alphabet song is usually one of first steps into learning about letters, sounds, phonics and literacy. Children enjoy singing their ABC’s but do they really know what they are singing?
Often children don’t realise that the “words” to one of their favourite songs are actually the letters that will become building blocks for many of the skills that they require throughout their lives. Having a visual and tactile reference helps little ones to separate the abstract sound from the letter and realise that these individual letters have sounds that make up their language. Having these beautifully tactile letters as a prop to compliment your little one’s favourite alphabet songs and games will help to embed their knowledge.
Having the opportunity to match upper and lowercase letters to their sounds will really enhance their first steps into language.

Larry's Learning Outcomes

Exploring this beautiful letter puzzle will help children to visually link letters to sounds. They will begin to sound each letter in the alphabet and make a foundation for their phonics journey.
Little ones will take note of the shapes of the letters and transfer this to their handwriting skills when they begin to form written letters and words.
They will have so much fun involving their very own alphabet puzzle in all of their alphabet songs and activities that will lead to them being lifelong literacy lovers.

About The Brand

Gladfolk are community of people who believe life is a series of small and beautiful miracles worth celebrating. They reside and create from their home-based studio and workshop at the heart of their 15-acre wooded property in the midwest of the USA. There, surrounded by inspiration in the form of wildlife and barefoot children, they turn simple, fleeting moments into lasting and meaningful design. The folks at Gladfolk believe beauty can be found all around us, so they seek out locally-sourced leather, lumber, and linens for their line of modern, handcrafted goods. They joyfully partner with American makers and ethical, fair-trade suppliers. And because they are committed to excellence in our craft, they only work with the highest quality materials that they can find.In everything they do and create, they promise quality, authenticity, integrity, and kindness. They endeavor to spread love and light, to cherish family and community, and to foster connection and inspire memories. The team at Gladfolk’s hope is that the care and quality that they imbue into their products will last a family for years; that their items will be used, worn, gifted, cherished, and handed down from friend to friend, sister to sister, even generation to generation. Gladfolk pour their hearts into making heirloom-quality, everyday goods because they know what it’s like to want to hold onto something forever.

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