Rose In April Canvas Map Of Paris


Where will our dreams take us today? Children will be encouraged to discuss so many different topics when exploring their very own canvas map of Paris.

Perfect for budding adventurers!

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A Closer Look

The Details

Where will our dreams take us today? Shall we visit the capital city of France?
Children will be encouraged to discuss so many different topics when exploring their very own Rose In April Canvas Map Of Paris

Perfect for budding adventurers! They’ll learn about Paris thanks to a circuit, from Eiffel Tower, to Notre Dame or Le Louvre ! This slightly retro decorative map will spark children’s imaginations and delight parents as well. Easy to hang thanks to two metal eyelets.

Paris map printed on canevas
2 eyelets to fix it
Composition: 100% cotton
Dimension: 98 x 70 cm
Made in Portugal
OEKO TEX certified

Mr Mole's Marvellous Ideas

Mr Mole wants adventures! He wants to see the world and all of it’s wonders. Every day Mr Mole closes his eyes and places his finger on to his map of Paris, when he opens his eyes he discovers a new place every time! With each new area Mr Mole chooses he likes to talk about what he imagines it would be like to be there. What can he see? What can he smell? What can he hear? When he’s built up a picture in his mind he researches the area and compares the facts that he’s found against the ideas that he had.

Larry's Learning Outcomes

Learning about the world is something that will be with us through out our whole lives. Larry thinks that it’s so important for children to grasp just how wide our world is and how different it can be compared to what they are used to. Having this Rose In April Canvas Map where your little one can freely access it will give them so many learning opportunities. These could involve learning about environments, climates, geography, languages, cultures and so much more.

About The Brand

The story of Rose in April is one that centers itself around family. Elodie created the brand in 2012, shortly after the birth of her daughter Rose. After working almost 15 years in textile distribution, which served as an excellent school, she had done her time and was ready to venture out on her own. Why April? Cause April is her dog and for those who know, Rose and April, it is a magical story…! In 2015, while she was enjoying the adventure of creating Rose in April, Elodie was feeling a little lonely in her pursuit, and so, she asked her sister Eugenie to join her. With her background in the textile industry she was the perfect fit and it was the perfect timing. Rose in April is a brand that reflects the two of them in its joyous feel and beautiful optimism!