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Starting big school can be a really daunting time, we all want our precious little ones to be as prepared as they can be without being pushy parents. This pack has a selection of My Busy Bots bags that will help a child navigate the first few learning areas that they will cover when they start their school career. Phonics; numbers; shapes; colours and patterns are at the top of the list for preparation! Fine motor skills are also key so that they can begin to write with ease.

This bundle is suitable for little ones from 3 – 6 years old. As all children develop in their own time, this is a guideline and may vary with your child.

Flashcards: School starter toolkit

Here in one compact toolkit are flashcards that cover a wide range of areas including: Literacy; Mathematics; Understanding the world and Expressive arts and design. The idea is that you cuddle up on the sofa and spend a few minutes at a time chatting about a handful of the cards. This will help to spark conversations between you and your child, reinforce things they might know already and introduce them to new things they may not know already.

Many parents want to support their child but don’t know where to start, well here you go….


33 A6 laminated flashcards bound together
Bag 1: Something beginning with…

“Moon, Monkey, Mouse!” Each child learns at a different pace, especially when it comes to letter sounds. This is why it’s essential we keep it fun and light-hearted. In this My Busy Bots bag little ones are introduced to amusing characters and images, which will help them identify the letter sound for each card, and place that letter on its matching card.


1 Information card with instructions, ideas to extend the activity and list of skills being developed
26 Laminated letter sound cards A-Z
26 Coloured magnetic letters
1 Brightly coloured storage bag
Bag 2: Poke-a-dot

This cute and colourful My Busy Bots bag uses fun pictures to capture children’s attention whilst they practice their counting. Learning to count is a great accomplishment, but learning to count objects with one-to-one correspondence is next level! This bag is a fun way to accomplish this whilst simultaneously strengthening fine motor skills by poking a straw into a hole to match the correct number.


1 Information card with instructions, ideas to extend the activity and list of skills being developed
10 Laminated counting activity cards covering numbers 1-10
10 Coloured straws
1 Brightly coloured storage bag
Bag 3: All shaped up

Pattern making, colour sorting and shape finding. What more could you ask for from a My Busy Bots bag? All children love different and unusual things to play with and in this bag they will find shape links which can be used in many different ways. This My Busy Bots bag can be tailored to children of all ability levels.


1 Information card with instructions and ideas to extend the activity and list of skills being developed
12 Laminated pattern activity cards
18 Brightly coloured shape links in various colours and shapes
1 Brightly coloured storage bag
Skills being developed:
Fine motor skills:
Thumb opposition; in-hand manipulation; pre-writing skills; pincer grip; tripod grasp; pre-scissor skills; open thumb web space; finger isolation; hand strength; hand eye coordination and control; hand dominance; grasp and release; dexterity; bilateral hand coordination; sensory exploration; spatial relationships.
Visual perceptual skills:
Visual tracking and scanning; motor planning; visual discrimination; visual motor integration; visual spatial relations; visual closure; visual figure ground.
Cognitive skills:
Concentration; problem solving; puzzle solving skills; language and vocabulary; sorting and organisation; counting; number recognition; letter recognition; colour recognition and matching; shape recognition; copying; following patterns; foundational Maths skills; number skills; identifying phonemes.
Life skills:
Patience and perseverance; creativity and imagination; use of pegs.
* Bags and content colours may vary. Bag colour will be sent at random unless you contact us.

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