Treehouse Bed with Slide


Release your child’s inner Tarzan with a Treehouse Bed with Slide for sale at Learning Bugs. There are not many children that would turn up the chance to slide into every day and not enjoy falling to slumber peacefully in the comfort of their very own treehouse.


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A Closer Look

The Details

Dream and play with a Treehouse Bed with Slide

Living life off the ground in your very own treehouse used to be reserved for the realm children’s storybooks, but now your little monkey can enjoy the very thing; all while safely tucked up at home. Transform their bedroom into a jungle  adventure and a spot to dream of being cocooned in their very own treehouse up high, from which they can slide away to their heart’s content. They’ll be the envy of their mates with their bed that doubles up as a playhouse and jungle gym.

A Treehouse Bed with creature comforts

We all remember loving a treehouse as a child, whether our own or a friend’s, but imagine that without the cold, rain and the safety concerns? This Treehouse Bed with Slide is sturdy, well-built and designed to fit in any room, with the slide made to fit on either side. Forget large and unsightly structures in the garden, this is Treehouse Bed that is beautifully finished and comes in a wide array of colours to seamlessly suit any interior decor. And the best bit? It’s under your roof so there’s no danger of them catching a cold as they’ll be safely tucked up inside!

Threehouse Single bed with Slide + Platform

In MDF + Pine

Unfinished (to paint) or color-palette lacquers (also two-tone)

Can be placed on the left or right, to choice during installation

The toboggan with platform goes down to the front of the bed : Total length = 262cm

External: 179 x 262 x H 205cm

Mr Mole's Marvellous Ideas

There are plenty of colour options available with this Treehouse Bed with Slide to match any space, but instead of that buy yours unfinished and allow your child to paint it with you in a bespoke colour.

Larry's Learning Outcomes

This is a wonderful addition to any bedroom and allows a child scope to dream of adventure in magical surroundings that serves to inspire their imagination as they grow up.


Unfinished, Natural, Apple Green, Artichoke, Azur Blue, Bastale Grey, Beige Ivory, Cement Grey, Coral, Cuberdon, Light Green, Linnen, Marsala, Marseille, Marthy White, Mole, Moss Grey, Ocre, Pearl Grey, Powder Blue, Powder Pink, Raw, Summer Pink, Thunderstorm Grey, Very Light Pink, Winter Pink

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