Simple Ways To Inspire Open Ended Play With Our Handmade Wooden Toys - Learning Bugs

Simple Ways To Inspire Open Ended Play With Our Handmade Wooden Toys

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Not only are Mama May I Handmade Toys great learning tools for individual children, they are also terrific for group activities. Up until age three, most children will choose toys and play with them in an individual way even within a group setting. When children play next to one another instead of WITH one another, this is called parallel play and is a very natural way to engage for early explorers. For this reason, a typical Montessori or Waldorf inspired play space offers a bounty of learning tools to engage young minds. By about 3 and 4, children eagerly seek camaraderie and shared experiences with peers. These five learning toys are sure to delight a group of young friends in open-ended play.

Bring out the inventor in your little explorer


Shoot for the Rainbow is a puzzle, a game, a building set – all in one. Let your little one’s imagination lead the way with these open-ended play arches and differently sized balls. Use them separately or as part of a game. Invent new game concepts or incorporate cars and trucks to extend the play in as a young builder or architect might. These are practical, fun, and stretch a growing child’s imagination with their open-ended usefulness.





These wooden Colour Sorting Bowls make a great additions to any sensory bin or pretend play kitchen. They are useful for scooping, pouring, sorting, colour differentiation and are the perfect size for little hands to have and hold. Young explorers love to collect treasures and these make unique collecting cups as well. With a young sibling or baby explorer, we pair them with our Toddler Sorting Balls. The chunky sized balls fit perfectly in these wooden cups and provide a unique put together experience for early grasping and handling.





Any rainbow series game from Mama May I can inspire a playful group. These learning tools beg a little explorer to solve their many intricate puzzles. Discover how to stack, fill, and arrange the group, then turn them over and start again. In a group setting, little ones can learn from one another.

Observation and partnership begins with a common goal.

These little cuties can be used by older explorers in block or dollhouse play. Older children will begin to create different characters and personalities with the colourful little people. Younger children can use the cups in sensory bin play as well as in combination with other learning tools and manipulatives for colour sorting, stacking, scooping, filling, and pouring – developing fine motor skills and working on differentiation.




These miniature friend’s are perfectly totable. They fit inside this sweet little wooden slider box and are always up for an adventure. Pack them and take them along for an adventure. Stack them up as trees, set up a vignette, pretend they are visiting the hat store – turn the box into an elevator or house – wherever your child’s curiosity leads is exactly where they want to travel! Take turns stacking the wooden thimbles and disks to see how high your tree can grow before it tumbles and falls. So many ways to play and explore – independently – or together! They are the perfect size to take along to restaurants and Grandma’s house.

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