Arlo and Jude

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Arlo & Jude is an exciting new children’s clothing brand which has little one’s well-being at the heart of it. Our products have been designed to help instil self-belief and increase confidence to the wearer.

The idea started a few months ago when my oldest son Olly had been feeling anxious about going somewhere new without me. I began to think of how I could help him feel more confident but in a way that wasn’t going to be obvious to everyone else. I decided to create a secret code and us that to add the word ‘brave’ to his t-shirt so that only he would know what it said.

Every time Olly puts on his ‘brave’ t-shirt, it’s almost like he is wearing an invisible cloak of confidence. He will say “I am brave” out loud, positively affirming the message to himself.

We want to continue to create products that are going to help children and young people feel confident, proud and capable of achieving anything they want to.


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