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In 1951 AVID, which is an acronym for Audio Visual Instructional Device, created AVID Airline Products to focus on the development of products for the commercial airline and travel markets. The airline division was an early manufacturer of airline passenger control units in our Rhode Island facility, which also produced premium consumer speakers, educational listening devices, translation devices for the United Nations, and metal stampings for the other divisions of the company. Because of this expertise, AVID was asked to produce the world’s first IFE (in-flight entertainment) headset in collaboration with TWA in 1961. Soon after, AVID was producing IFE headsets for 97% of the world’s airlines.

1979 | A NEW ERA

In 1979, the Sony Walkman changed everything. The Walkman was the first portable entertainment device to be packaged with a low-cost, mass-produced electronic headset. Commercial airlines adopted the new technology, partnering with in-seat electronics suppliers, to outfit their planes with electronic headsets. AVID quickly reacted to the trend, and utilizing its proprietary speaker technology, developed electronic headsets with trusted global manufacturing partners. In the following years, AVID grew rapidly in the travel industry but also in the education, healthcare, and fitness industries. More recently, AVID developed new products and comprehensive solutions out of AVID's already-expanded portfolio to accommodate new segments, such as recreation and hospitality. The sky is the limit (no pun intended)!


Today, AVID is an employee-owned corporation in Middletown, Rhode Island. In 2013 ownership of AVID shifted to its vested employees through an ESOP. This change has brought on a renewed sense of accountability to ourselves but also to each other. Every day, AVID employees are working with our customers and other business partners with a high level of integrity and responsibility.


Since 2012, under the leadership of Michael Twist, President and CEO, AVID has worked to strengthen the organization, focusing on core values, branding, and go-to-market strategies. The team has grown and AVID is now serving 6 main market segments: Travel, Education, Healthcare, Fitness, Hospitality, and Recreation. Although our core competency remains headsets, we have invested in strategic initiatives to develop our amenity kit and children kit business in four of the segments. Since late 2015, AVID has been developing tableware and introducing it into the commercial airline market. Tableware includes disposable and rotatable dishware, cutlery kits, atlas trays, plastic cups, and salt and pepper shakers. Furthermore, AVID continues its commitment to expanding its level of services to include INVENTORY NOW, A La Carte, Franchise Support, and Customized Buyer Programs.


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