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Since 2003, Find It® games have been an evergreen product retailed in thousands of stores. With over 4,000,000 games sold, Find It® has been an addition to waiting rooms, offices, home schooling and small enough for travel. Find It® crosses over from Gift to Toy & Novelty and a great addition for any business. Find It® is played by consumers of all ages, 8-98. As a “Contained Adventure”, Find It® is a safe and secure game with 40+ hidden items in a colourful medium. The greatest challenge is finding the elusive US penny hidden in every game! All Find It® games are fully assembled and shipped from Texas. Find it® games are the perfect, no mess, no clean up, no noise and no batteries required game for business or home. All games are fully assembled in the USA.

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Spin it. Twist it. Shake it. It’s Fun!
Each Contained Adventure® comes filled with brightly coloured plastic pellets in which to search for themed hidden objects. Each tube is secured on both ends with wood or colour-coordinated plastic caps. All games have the items listed on a capped end and come with a tear-off pad to check off items as they are found. Each game is individually packaged in an attractive, easy-to-gift-wrap box.

“Find It Games has got the whole family addicted to find hidden treasures in their game. From me and my husband, to all six of the kids, we’ve got an obsession with Find It Games hidden object games.”

-Heck of a Bunch!


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