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So who exactly is behind Jupiduu?

Behind Jupiduu? It’s us! Ken and Kai Buschmann, two brothers from the small village of Dingden located in Germany’s Lower Rhine region. Kai, born in 1989, is predominantly responsible for Dispatch and Website Management at Jupiduu, while Ken, born in 1986, deals with Customer Service, Production and Finance.

How long has the company Jupiduu been around?

Jupiduu was founded in January 2014. Just six months after its launch we were proudly able to deliver our first order.

What was the idea behind Jupiduu?

It all began with a children's slide. Kai and I were in search of a lovely indoor slide as a present. However, the search proved to be futile. Everything we found was made almost exclusively of plastic and intended for the garden; it was also not very pretty to look at. After a lot of searching nothing really matched what we were looking for in terms of material, design and style. So we decided to take up the reins of this “project” ourselves. With a little bit of convincing we were able to bring renowned product designer Ralf Scheel - who himself is a father to a young daughter - on board, and it was ultimately Ralf who, based on his own designs, developed a product which innovatively combined the aspects of design, aesthetics, functionality and fun.

Where are Jupiduu products manufactured?

Our products are manufactured exclusively in Germany. As if that weren't enough already. Even our packaging, screws and fittings are procured from quality German businesses.

Which principles and philosophy does Jupiduu adhere to?

We at Jupiduu believe that a unique and safe design should go hand-in-hand with the highest possible degree of product quality, so that children and grown-ups alike can enjoy the products they buy, which have also been produced under fair working conditions for all. But we don't just aim to design and produce great products. In a time where climate change can no longer be denied, the sustainable use of wood (our primary work material) and establishing a positive CO2 footprint are our highest priorities (for more information on this please see the section entitled “Responsibility”). In order to fully embrace these principles, we therefore decided on establishing a production site in Germany. It offers the perfect production conditions and the shortest possible transport routes, allowing us to live up to our company philosophy.

Who are your most prominent customers?

Without a doubt - Britain's young heir to the throne, Prince George and his parents Kate and William, for whom we had the privilege of delivering the “Blue Whale” model. Take a look at the section entitled “ON TV” to find out more about this Royal order.

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