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The aim of the Mud & Bloom boxes are to connect children to nature. It’s a monthly subscription box delivering seasonal nature crafts and gardening activities to your door. Each box contains everything you need for four seasonal growing and craft activities along with instructions, nature news and games to teach children about the seasons, plants, insects, birds, soil and rainfall.

The boxes have been created for 3-8 year old's by qualified teachersand support the national curriculum with influence from Forest School, Steinerand Montessorieducation.

The boxes have been developed with the busy parent in mind, so each box includes everything you need to get started. Most of the craft activities are designed to get children finding and using objects from nature - all can easily be found on a short walk to your garden or local park. You may occasionally need things from your recycling box, such as old jam jars.  For the growing activities, you'll also need something to plant in such as an old egg carton, small yogurt pots or small plant pots.

Hi My Name Is Anja,

I feel passionately about the importance of connecting children to nature, I have three young children and, despite living in the city, I love being out and about with my kids: be it gardening, crafting or just spending time in nature. I set up Mud & Bloom in December 2017.

Studies show there is more and more of a disconnect between children and nature, and increasingly experts link this disconnect to the rise we are seeing in childhood stress, anxiety and depression. It is vital that children have regular contact with nature, with proven benefits including enhanced brain development, improved concentration and mental health – as well as helping them stay fit and healthy.

I believe that all children should have access to green spaces and to experience putting their hands in soil and growing their own vegetables. The Mud & Bloom boxes are designed to be accessible to people with or without gardens, as each box includes organic, peat-free compost pellets to enable anyone to get growing immediately regardless of what space they live in”

I hope the boxes help you and your children to learn, explore and enjoy nature together!


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