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Here at Mud Mud Baby, we believe it is important for children to get outdoors and play.

We have created our mud kitchens to allow you and your child the opportunity to embrace outdoor play, whether you have access to a large area or the smallest of gardens. You could even fit our Ladybird kitchen on a balcony!

Children actively learn through play. Allowing a child to explore the outdoors and natural environment is hugely beneficial to their social, emotional, physical and mental development.

Allowing a child the opportunity to explore and play is crucial. Especially in an age where we are so focused on academic success, and spend a lot of time in front of screens.

“Give a child a wand and its just a wand. Give a child a stick, its a magic wand, a sword, a walking stick, a tool ”

Our mud kitchens are not just kitchens, they are laboratories, restaurants, shops, cafes; the possibilities really are endless. There are no boundaries to a child's imagination once they are allowed to free it!

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