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2016, when we were both on maternity leave. We loved our new roles as mums, but we also didn’t want to lose our own identity as career women and our ambition to build a business together.

We love that Our Little Globe inspires kids to ask questions about new places and people and that it promotes tolerance of others. We sew this message into every pen-pal letter, craft activity and recipe card we produce.

Whilst we attended the same school together, our working backgrounds couldn’t be any different. Erin LOVES writing in a way that is interesting to children and Fi is the QUEEN of crafts. This means we bring a mix of skills, crazy ideas and dreams to the table when we are creating our country-themed boxes!

Our Little Globe is growing each month as we create an army of parents, grandparents, family and friends that want to ensure kids know the value of the world around them.

The activities we produce are FUN and EDUCATIONAL – and above all teach kids (and grown-ups!) that cultures, traditions and tastes found in new places are fun to explore!

The best thing about owning our own company? It's when we receive a positive review or a parent tags us in a picture that shows them and their kids enjoying some quality time together, using our activity boxes.

We hope you love Our Little Globe as much as we do!

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