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Sarah’s Silks

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Tap into your child’s precious imagination with the variety of Sarah’s Silks for sale at Learning Bugs.

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Sarah’s Silks

Bring a spark of creativity to play time with these stunning natural play silks designed to add a splash of magic and vibrancy to any indoor or outdoor space.  Ideal for kids of all ages, they offer hours of amusement and pleasure by helping little ones to tune into their imagination which is vital to any child’s progression.

A kid’s imagination is limitless and play silks provide the perfect canvas for exploring their mind to its full potential. These inspiring open-ended toys have a multitude of uses for children of all sizes; from stimulating baby sensory play, through to making the perfect accessory for dressing up and creating dens and forts as they get older. They are also a great addition to any party as they look beautiful fluttering in the wind and are perfect for improving hand-to-eye coordination when thrown about.

Your complete play silks set

Make sure your children have the power of creativity at their finger tips with a complete play silks set. Within our stock you’ll find everything, including play silks of all shapes and sizes, as well as silk capes, wings, skirts, headwear and more, which are perfect for dressing up and come in a stunning palette of colours.

Eco-friendly play silks

Made from smooth silk – which is natural and renewable – Sarah’s Silks are not just great for play time but good for the planet too. To pass stringent testing, these vibrant play silks are coloured with eco-friendly and non-toxic dyes.

Browse our comprehensive line-up of Sarah’s Silks online now and allow your little ones to explore their imagination today

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