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Ink and Scribbles began as a little idea to support conscious parenting styles and child wellbeing. The idea was formed by a mum of 2 and former Primary School Teacher, who is passionate about child education, emotional development and wellbeing. After leaving mainstream teaching in the UK to emigrate to Australia, Ruth studied a Certificate in Child Development and Learning and delivered literacy intervention groups. She now lives back in the UK, is raising her family as consciously as possible, studying NLP and building Ink and Scribbles one toddler nap at a time! Oh, and she dabbles in photography when she gets a few minutes spare too.

I spent the early years of my parenting journey building amazing friendships with other mums, all consciously raising their children, trying to find the right path amongst all the parenting labels and conflicting advice out there. We were confused by the relationships we were building with our children. Our urges to understand and address their emotional needs was such a contrast with our own childhood experiences of being parented. When talking to other mums about raising my eldest, highly sensitive child, I noticed how so many of them had also sensed a need for a different sort of parenting approach for their own children. They had a strong desire to learn about their child's personality, to know them deeply and understand the things that had an impact on their emotions and behaviour. I was no different. 'Figuring out' my child during a difficult time became my focus. I felt a huge responsibility to do my best and avoid making unnecessary mistakes that had the potential to be damaging to her, or our relationship. It became clear that knowing her was the key to enjoying parenting her! I discovered that I needed to guide my sensitive and anxious child to understand her emotions and the effect they had on her. I learned to adapt my parenting to suit her highly sensitive nature. Through that connection, my daughter and I have found ourselves on an enjoyable journey. One of greater understanding and awareness for us both. And that was the moment that Ink and Scribbles was born!

I believe parenthood is a journey with our child and one we need to travel consciously. We can teach our children to be self aware, but we need to understand them deeply to do so. When they know who they are, children have a greater understanding of how their thoughts impact emotions and can develop responses that work for them and the whole family. I believe resilience is critical to our children's well-being. Guiding them towards a growth mindset, good decision making and ensuring they know they have the support of their family, is so important. Our parenting approach and connection with our children is crucial to their well-being. And also to ours.

We are raising our children in a different world to the one in which our parents raised us. Never has it been so important to be conscious of the impact we have on our children. Through strong family connections, reading, writing and strong verbal communication skills, we can support their well-being and navigate the unchartered waters of modern childhood alongside them. Ink and Scribbles is where I combine my teaching background and love of Literacy, my own parenting experience and my passion for child well-being. I hope through our products and online presence, parents will find support, encouragement and direction to help them implement the theory of conscious parenting in their own way, using their intuition to become the parent their child needs.


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