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We believe in the power of children's imaginations

STORY have created a new product for children which aims to support their creative thinking, and stimulate imaginative play.

They are called ‘Walk-in-Books’, and they provide everything a child needs to create their own imagined worlds & stories. Our first Walk-in-Book is called Adventure to the Woods.

Inside the child size tote bag you'll discover:

a delightful soft toy STORY character,

a mask for your child to wear - to get them into character

a map for the STORY destination

and a set of ten STORY cards.

These special cards provide the beginnings of different stories and different quests to help children develop their stories further. STORY is innovative because it works as a complete storytelling kit for children.

The STORY cards provide children with a safe and encouraging framework for their imagination to take flight. It introduces the structures of storytelling through play and exploration.

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