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Petit Boum Rice Wow Touch Bottle


Inspire the senses of babies and children with these beautiful sensory bottles. Designed to fuel the senses, they are filled with beautiful colours, shapes and treasures

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A Closer Look

The Details

Explore, create and imagine with our Touch Bottle.

The universe WOW! It offers infinite possibilities of play and sensory experimentation.

What is WOW !?

Wow! It is an endless universe of sensory stimulation that unfolds before children and adults to experience, believe and imagine while still playing.

Wow! It is based on a basic element, sensory rice, and support tools and accessories to which other objects and toys can be added to further expand its possibilities and create free or accompanied mini play.
Non-toxic product, does not contain gluten.
Certified quality.

The universe WOW! contains:

800 gr. approx. colored sensory rice
Cotton sachet with wooden spoon, bowl, wooden tongs, wooden shovel and brush
Insect stickers
Paper tokens with game proposals
Instructions with game proposals to use all the tools it contains

Wow! It is suitable for children from 3 years, but we recommend using it always under the supervision of an adult.

Mr Mole's Marvellous Ideas

Use the sensory bottle as a calm down jar. When your child is upset, have him/her shake the bottle and encourage him/her to take deep breaths while watching the contents swirl, slow down and eventually settle back to the bottom.

Larry's Learning Outcomes

Sensory bottles are renowned for enabling children to calm down, regulate their breathing and focus.

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